That precious smile on her face!!!❤


That goddamn smile!

It changed everthing for me!! That just one glance of smile fades all the fear and pain that i was holding somewhere in the corner of my heart from a very long time . For a moment i feel like the world around me just changed and i felt like my heart just got some kind of satisfaction that everything is gonna be fine now! That now its a time of happiness and all the bad days are gone !! Here i’m talking about my amazing and precious gem! My Mom, whose smile and happiness means everything to me. You all gonna be thinking why i’m suddenly talking about my mom’s smile?? I mean like what so special in that one smile?? And it maybe not my first time to see her !!! I know it is not my first time see her smiling but this smile was so different that for the first time i felt like my mommy has the best smile in the whole wide world!! So the story here starts like it was sunday evening . The weather was moderate(niether cold nor hot). Atmosphere was very calm in the house. I was sitting next to my mom on the bed. My mom was reading newspaper and i was doing something on my gadget and i saw one video on my phone and suddenly it remembers me about the happy time of my childhood when my mom was not used to be too much sick and we all used to relax on weekends and spend a happy family time together after a full week’s rush. So i was just thinking about this, i told my mom that i miss the time when she used to cook different and delicious cuisines on weekend for us. She did’nt reply anything as she was much focused on reading newspaper!! Lol!! Then i focus on something else and started doing my other work and after sometime she asked me why not we make burgers at home?? And i was like yes mom!! Why not!! I was waiting for this from long time. It has been so long when mom has cooked something different in kitchen for us. She can usually do all the household chores easily but her disease did’nt let her do much work and most of the time she was on her medications. I’m saying so beacuse my mom is a bronchitist patient and from last two to three years, she lose alot of her weight due to which she hardly do any household chore or prepare a meal for us. But from last months during winters her health just started dropping fastly. All the time she used to do coughing and she hardly breath properly. The atmosphere was very tensed in the home!! Me and my dad used to do all household chores and look after my mother. Recently on my birthday, her health become so worse that we have to admit her to the hospital and that was the worst and saddest bday of my life. And on that day i was just praying all day to god to please dont take her away from me because she is only person i have in my life whom i can trust the most and whom i cannot lost at any cost. She was in so much pain(watching her in the hospital bed was somekind of trauma for me). After a week in hospital, she got discharged. After 2 weeks of rest, she was feeling healthy and also with that daily excercise of breathing which the doctor suggested to her, she can breath easily. And also she can easily prepare a meal for us now and also she can go to her work. So we decided to make burger on that evening. My mom started frying the patties and i filled the burger stuffing. While frying, some of the patties got burnt and my mom was getting sad but i said to mom that its ok as she was doing it after long time. We both were enjoying that moment even though everything was messed up. And while stuffing the burgers the stuffing came out of the bun and i got frustrated and my mom was like “its ok!!” And then she smirk!!! because we both already made a lot of mess while preparing burgers!!! We both were getting frustrated on our epic fails but in that frustration there was also happiness in the air and we both can feel it and was just living that moment. And when i saw that precious smile and happiness on her face i was stunned for a while beacuse this was happening after so long. I realized back then the time was so devastated that we all forget how mom use to smile! At that moment i just wanted to stop the time there and all i want was to live that moment as much as i can. After so long everthing was feeling so good in my house! I can feel that beam of ray reflecting from that dark clouds. And seriously i think its a fact that a mother’s smile can change the whole atmosphere of the family. Her face was shining as bright as sun. There was some kind of magic in her smile that i was feeling so light in my heart. And at that moment i forgot all the fear that i used to have in my heart of losing her. I really adore that moment. I pray to God to blessed all the mom’s out their in the whole world with the healthy , prosperous and happy life because mother is a very beautiful thing that has ever happened on this world. They are the living angles in the human body. And i feel without mother’s life is just tasteless or can say a having a life of dead corpse.

6 thoughts on “That precious smile on her face!!!❤

  1. The way you narrated the incident comprising of those immence feelings was awesome, really I felt that I was present there with you…… and wishing your mother speedy recovery and a healthy life

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