#5 ways to instantly feel happier!!

Hey, my fellow peeps!! Hope you all are doing great!! I’m doing well!! So i was just thinking about what should i share in my next blog like i have alot of things to share but i was not able to figure out which topic should i pick up!!! But then i asked one of my friend to chose topic for me!! So she told me why not i share some tips on ways to feel happier in low days!! I was like why not?? I would love to share some tips on this topic!! Well, we all know that life is unpredictable!! There are alot of ups and downs, one has to go through. There will be days when we feel happy and also there will be days when we feel like empty, alone and sad. But still we enjoy our lives. Because some of us know how to ditch these bad feelings and refuel ourselves with those happy feelings by applying some of their quick remedies.

But not all are same. There are some people who suffer alot to tackle these bad feeling in their low days but still failed to make themselves happy. So here i’m going to share some tips that i personally apply in my low days to instantly feel happy and positive:-

1. Listen songs

Listen to the songs that you loved the most and make yourself happier. Just sit alone somewhere in the corner of your room, where no one can disturb you. Choose your favourite song! Pluggin your headphones, airpods! Volumned it up! And just get lost in the melody of that song! Feel the vibe! Dance on that beat like a crazy person, as if no one is watching you! Forget this cruel world and people who hurt you. If you have any good memory related to that song, just recall it and re-enjoy that happy moment by taking back yourself to that moment.

2. Write journal or note

This remedy has some magic! I would personally recommended this tip. I don’t know how it works, but when i feel like i can’t share my feelings with anyone or want to take that frustration out of my mind, i just open the notepad in my phone (you can also write in diary or journal if you have any secret place to hide it.) and spilt out all the frustration and pain and sadness in that text and after that i instantly feel better in my heart and i can clearly feel that change in my mood. And the next day when i try to read that note, i laugh at myself because i do not understand what i actually want to write!! Lol!!

3. Watch a movie

Movies, webseries are the best way to distract yourself. It really helps you to stop overthinking about any bad situation and also divert your mind which does’nt allow you to feel anixious, stressed and painful. Most of the time, i just prefer to watch kdramas and cdramas ( I dont know but these dramas always hit different!!) to stop myself from thinking about any negative thought. Apart from these, i binge watch netflix and prime.(Please avoid watching any sad movie or series) Try some comedy or action movies which you have’nt watched yet. I personally prefer mystery/suspense and sci-fiction series and movies because it always made me feel curious to know what would happen next!!

4. Avoid negative people

Try to avoid negative people or negative atmosphere. Negative people will never bring you good in any phase of your life. Instead, they always try to discourage you and bring you down in one or other way because that’s what they enjoys the most! Right? So if you are facing such negative friend, family member, co-worker, colleague and boyfriend or girlfriend, just get rid of them ASAP! If its your boyfriend or your girlfriend who always hurt you or manipulate you, stop making contact with them (you can also block them if you want to, on social media to keep your mind in right state ). Dont allow yourself to become infected with that toxic negativity. Instead, cut that person out of your life! Just do it once! Speak your mind and frustration that you have for that person and once you are done with it! Don’t! Just don’t! let them make any contact with you! I swear this method definately works(if applied properly and honestly) and it becomes easy for to stay positive and focused on your work and life. Because we all know peace of mind is the only key to happiness. So why bearing and struggling?? And for those who discourage you and your ideas, always maintain distance from such kind of people. They are just jealous of your success and happy life. So the best way to protect yourself emotionally from such kind of people is to be secure and confident. Dont let them doubt your abilites and undermine your desire to pursue your dreams.

5. Cry

Its ok to cry alone!!

I know, you all will be thinking why i suggested crying as a way for instant happiness?? Because sometimes the solution lies within the problems. Sometimes situation is so worse that we can’t bear it and we just feel like crying and let me tell you there is nothing wrong in crying. Do you know, crying helps to release oxcitocin and endorphins which makes us feel better. And here’s one healthy tip too! When we cry our 17 muscles are activated! So you don’t worry if you have missed your workout due to some reason! And this one is for those who wants to cry hardly but are unable to cry (this happens with me most of the times so) just chose the most saddest song and after some time you will started crying because at that moment you are just understanding the lyrics and relating it to your life. But once you started crying, cry to the fullest and when you feel like you don’t want to cry anymore, just wipe your tears and you will definaltely feel light-hearted.

I hope some of these tips help you in some or other way to brighten your day and to feel instantly happy! And let me know if you have any of your own quickest remedies to heal the bad feelings in the comment section ! I would love to read it!

Thank youโค

11 thoughts on “#5 ways to instantly feel happier!!

  1. Crying while listening to emotional songs! (I sound so pathetic :D)

    Also – just eating any little amount of sugar works to improve my mood instantly. Dark chocolate or cold coffee is my poison.

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    1. Lol!!..oh i have heard this before from many people that eating something sweet works really great for them! I would also like to try this once!! Hope it works for me too!!lol!! Btw, Thanks for sharing!!๐Ÿ˜Šโค

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great advice! Iโ€™m a nature girl so I find that going out for a walk really helps me. If Iโ€™m pressed for time and canโ€™t get out to a park, Iโ€™ll walk around my apartment complex… itโ€™s not among the trees but at least getting some fresh air and getting the blood moving helps me feel calmer and more balanced! If the weather is bad that I canโ€™t get out Iโ€™ll curl up with a nice cup of tea and watch my current series on Netflix! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks!!๐Ÿ˜Š…good to know that u r a nature girl!! Nature is the best remedy to anykind of stress. Even i also love to take a walk when above given ways does’nt work for me!! Btw, thanks for sharing!!!๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’–

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