Where did those butterflies gone?

Every relationship starts with butterflies and cheesy moments isn’t it? The one we call the honeymoon phase? We hold hands, we crave to see each other, we love spending time together, we make time for each other, knowing each other, discovering weaknesses and insecurities, talking and texting all day long etc etc. But what after few months and years? The things we do at the beginning, the efforts we give in the beginning, why do we stop them? Why the butterflies get tired and die in their sleep? Why the other person doesn’t remain special anymore? Is it because we take them for granted or because our needs are already met and we get used to it! The things which made you feel special doesn’t ring a bell anymore.. The time you used to take out for them are not found anymore.. Once you completely know a person you become bored of them because you have nothing left to discover anymore? Try reading your first texts which said “drop a text when you’re free, I’ll be waiting” which has turned into “don’t you understand I have work? I cannot deal with this right now! You know everything!” Try recalling the moments when you tried so hard to meet and blush! Instead of sitting right beside them and looking at the phone screens scrolling through social media or anything random which is absolutely unimportant!
Is it so hard to make a person feel special all through? Is it so hard to be with a person after completely knowing them? Is it really so hard to not take a person for granted? We understand the value of a person when they are gone! Why? Why can’t we just value the person when they are there with us, AT THE PRESENT? Why do we turn our expectations into our demands?
If you are in a relationship, you are lucky! Cherish the moments before it’s too late! And if it’s breaking remember it’s never too late!

Single people’s… Cherish the moments and prepare yourself for holding on to the person in your next relationship.

Remember it’s about two people, not one!♥️♥️

What do you think about this? What you do to keep your relationships alive?? Is their anything you want to share? Any experiences in your relationships?? Is their any advice you want to give to the Singles or the committed ones?? Please feel free to share with me in the comment section! I would love to read it!!

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9 thoughts on “Where did those butterflies gone?

  1. Absolutely! We do take people for granted once we know them! The trick is to keep having fun together to keep discutée aspects and Insights into the other person, plus we may also develop new interests which we can then share!

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